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Wudi Longda Plastic Masterbatch Co.,Ltd ,established in 2002, located in Shandong Province,China. With two plants, now has 21 production line,annual capacity reaches to 45,000 metric tons.Output of black masterbatch is up to 20000 tons, now new plant is also under construction to reach a 70000tons of black masterbatch!


Till now we are the biggest masterbatch manufacturer in China .Products supplied by Longda including Black masterbatch,White masterbatch,Color masterbatch,Filler masterbatch, Desiccant masterbatch and other functional masterbatch (anti-static masterbatch, anti-oxidant masterbatch, anti-UV masterbatch,anti-slip masterbatch,PPA masterbatch,PP cooling masterbatch etc). Most of them are widely used into blowing films (shopping bags, trash bags,packing film,mulch film,agricultural film,geomembrane ), injection molding,extrusion ,wire drawing,cable etc.


All the products are meticulously inspected and pass through 100 quality-controlled inspections,Longda has got the certificates of ISO ,PONY, ROHS ,FDA,REACH which can meets all kinds of different requirement.

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