How to correctly apply the colouring power index of plastic colouring agent


The first is that when the same pigments are used in different plastic colorants, their colour properties and colouring power are different. To be exact, when referring to the colour properties of pigments in plastic colouring, it is necessary to mention their application decomposition.

Secondly, in chroma, the absolute depth of pigments can be determined by the color depth of samples prepared under standard conditions, so as to achieve the necessary amount of color depth. The expression methods are standard depth, 1/3 standard depth and 1/25 standard depth. This representation method can be visually expressed by the continuous depth map of color and light designed by Schmelzer.

Third, the maximum absorption wavelength of the colorant determines its color, and the absorption capacity at the maximum absorption wavelength determines its coloring power. But the dyeing power is not only related to its chemical structure, but also to the dispersibility of pigments. The better the dispersibility of the pigments, the higher the dyeing power. Pigment dyeing power and color matching are of great significance. For example, the varieties with high dyeing power should be selected when dark tone is needed, and the varieties with low dyeing power (inorganic pigments) should be selected when light tone is needed. When one pigment is lacking or the price is more expensive, other colors of the same color can be used to replace it. However, different coloring power of the two pigments requires different quantities to match the same color when they are replaced.

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